In the Ingmar Bergman film The Seventh Seal there was the juggler-clown-performer who with his wife and child traveled the country side in their little theater wagon. He was always running off into a field because he thought he saw an apparition of the Virgin Mary ( a figure key to the Middle Ages-the time frame of the film). He was a Blakeian ( William Blake)  figure living through his imagination; he manages to evade the figure of death who reaps a harvest of souls over the course of the film-as an artist I see myself in him.

The imagination of contemporary man is a secular imagination and for me- somewhat impoverished. I lament the failure of the Christian Church's in this regard ( read Nicolas Berdyaev 'Christianity & Creativity').Enter most Catholic or Anglican Churches today and the late nineteenth century over sentimentalized images of Christ, the Virgin Mary and saints still populate what is 'sacred space'.

Visual Art happens within the polarities of 'mater and light'. On this playing field the entire range of human experience can be sourced through a wide range of mediums shaping meaningful metaphors that confront, enlighten, delight and sustain our humanness.